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Corporate Identity Concept

Magnets are materials which possess infinite potential with both attractive and repelling forces Zmag applies these materials to make unique products, with designs showing an inevitability of form, ultimate function and discrete beauty.

Welcome to Zmag

Composition Elements of Zmag's Corporate Symbol

The logo's circle represents Earth with its aslope axis and expresses its geomagnetism. The two magnets with attractive and repelling forces in the circle establish circulation within the circle, showing realization of recycling; things mankind makes are inevitably returned to the Earth. By illuminating "Z" in the circle, we signify Zmag's will to play an important role in caring for Earth's environment.

The Zmag color is Japan's unique shade of indigo blue. The color has come out of Japan's traditional dyeing process; this process is only possible with clean water containing no impurities. By adopting this color, we reflect harmonious coexistence with nature.

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