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Zmag's team consists of individuals with different backgrounds, strengths and interests, working towards a common vision. We come from Japan and America, have experience in engineering and sales, hardware and software. Zmag has people with college, masters, and high school degrees as well as hard earned field experience. We like this diversity– our differences complement each other and allow us to bring creative solutions to customer needs. We aren't fancy, just focused.

Executive Officers

Kenzo Takahashi
President and CEO, Zmag Japan

Founder of Zmag, innovator and pioneer with over 50 patents, Kenzo effectively invented the non-ferrous metal separation business with his original and ground breaking work in this field. Following a successful career at Mitsubishi and then Eriez Magnetics, Kenzo founded his own company in order to broaden his vision and bring reality to his product concepts. Since 1990, the company has grown from selling separation equipment in Japan to a global company providing a broad range of products.

Eishin Takahashi
President, Zmag America

Eishin is responsible for the international business for Zmag. He started his career in Tokyo at a large American company and worked for a UK-based smart card operating system consortium before joining a Silicon Valley start-up. After successful international negotiations and strategic alliances, he completed an acquisition and transfer of the start-up to a leading Japanese corporation and an Israel-based  technology firm. Eishin holds MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, BA in Economics from Knox College, and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Kogakuin University.

Steve Iijima
Chief Operating Officer, Zmag America

Steve began working at Microsoft as a junior in college, participating in the development of Excel, Word, as well as subsequent projects in Seattle, Taipei and Tokyo. Following Microsoft, he received an MBA from the University of Washington, ran the PC business for HP in Japan and then worked at an Internet startup where he started and ran the international business. Steve wishes he studied more hard sciences and less software in school now that he is working with engineers and inventors.

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