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Magnet Engineering
Innovative technologies with a view towards preservation of the environment

Zmag, is a pioneer in the field of magnet engineering and circuit design, providing a broad range of original and patented, technologies. Intellectual Property and solutions include the following areas:

Industrial application and use of magnets
Moving molten metal (lifting, propelling, stirring, submerging)
Separation and Recycling of materials
Separation of Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR)
Zmag, our goals are to:

Market innovative technologies,

Accelerate understanding of customer needs, and become a

Global leader in the field of magnet engineering.

October 2016
Article in Light Metal Age magazine covering Zmag's 3 installations at New Zealand Aluminium Smelter.
Read the article here.

June 2016
Zmag installed 2 additional MagStirs at NZAS, New Zealand Aluminium Smelters.
See the accompanying video.

October 2013
Zmag installs its MagStir Series II canal stirrer at Vulcan Aluminum.
See this article in Light Metal Age

June 2012
At the ICAA 13 conference in Pittsburgh, Novelis announces in a keynote speech that it has installed Zmag's MagStir II canal stirrer at AluNorf, Germany, the world's largest rolling mill for aluminum.

May 2012
Archival video of Zmag's original aluminum separation technology.
See the video

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